The College of Arts and Sciences is comprised of 16 departments and 18 interdisciplinary minors across the humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences, and mathematics. The ISU motto of “Gladly we learn and teach,” has always been the true north of the College of Arts and Sciences.

CAS Excellence Fund 

The College of Arts and Sciences Excellence Fund provides faculty, staff, and students with opportunities for professional and educational development possible. Among the programs it supports are guest speakers, inservice education, and community outreach.

Wilson Family Student Assistance Fund

The Wilson Family Student Assistance Fund was established in 2020 to provide support for students in the College of Arts and Sciences experiencing temporary financial hardship or need. Awards are determined on a case-by-case basis based on the funding available.

Participation by area
Which participating group will receive the most gifts during Birds Give Back? Support your passion and help your area climb the leaderboard!
Rank Area of Support Gifts
1 Communication 328
2 Athletics 192
3 Multicultural Center 158
4 Geography, Geology and the Environment 151
5 LGBTQ+ Student Support 121
6 School of Theatre and Dance 90
7 Support MCN Priorities 89
8 Center for Civic Engagement 88
9 University Housing Services 84
10 Family and Consumer Sciences 80
11 Accounting 77
12 Red and White Student Scholarship 74
13 Andrew Purnell Jr. Memorial Scholarship 71
14 Horticulture Center 69
15 WGLT 61
16 Finance, Insurance, and Law 54
17 College of Business Excellence Fund 50
18 ISUPD Community Engagement Unit 50
19 Student Engagement 49
20 Redbird Esports 45
21 Gamma Phi Circus 40
22 Special Education 36
23 School of Teaching and Learning 35
24 Health Sciences 34
25 Chemistry 33
26 Textbook Affordability 33
27 School of Music 33
28 Illinois Shakespeare Festival 32
29 Ewing Cultural Center 31
30 Red and White Scholarship Fund 29
31 History 28
32 CAST Student Persistence Fund 27
33 Office of Sustainability 27
34 Student Affairs Scholarships 23
35 U-High 23
36 More Ways to Support Milner 22
37 Biological Sciences 21
38 Agriculture 21
39 Politics and Government 21
40 Career Services 21
41 College of Arts and Sciences Funds 20
42 Wonsook Kim CFA General Fund 20
43 College of Education Persistence Awards 20
44 Economics 19
45 Alumni Association Scholarship 19
46 Office of Student Research 18
47 Technology 18
48 Wonsook Kim School of Art 18
49 Educational Administration & Foundations 17
50 Kinesiology and Recreation 17
51 Social Work 16
52 Information Technology 16
53 CAST Connections 16
54 Black Colleagues Association Scholarship 16
55 International House 15
56 Marketing 14
57 Latinx Alumni Network Scholarship 14
58 Mathematics 14
59 Metcalf 14
60 English 14
61 Psychology 14
62 Honors Program 13
63 The Graduate School 13
64 Criminal Justice Sciences 11
65 Communication Sciences and Disorders 11
66 Creative Technologies Program 11
67 Pay it Forward Business Scholarship 10
68 Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 10
69 Management Majors 10
70 Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 9
71 Military Science - ROTC 7
72 Physics 7
73 Sociology and Anthropology 7
74 Business Education 7
75 International Business 7
76 University Galleries 6
77 Friends of the Arts 5
78 Latin American and Latino/a Studies 4
79 Philosophy 3
80 Marian H. Dean Legacy Scholarship 2
Mission Launch Challenge
Thank you to the first 1,000 donors who unlocked $100,000 to kick off Birds Give Back 2022! Don’t forget to check with your employer to see if they match your gift!
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
Momentum Challenge
Thank you to the 1,000 donors who unlocked $100,000 to keep momentum strong during Birds Give Back!
2,000 / 2,000 Gifts
School of Communication Launch Challenge
Dr. Stephen and Dr. Sarah Hunt want to kick things off for the School of Communication. They will commit $6,000 to establish an annual scholarship for a Communication student when we receive our first 100 gifts today during Birds Give Back.
100 / 100 Gifts
Forensics Stretch Challenge
Our anonymous speech friend is so impressed by the outpouring of support they have decided to add another $2,000 to the team if we get another 25 (75 total) gifts for the team before midnight tonight. Help us spread the word and support our forensicators today!
75 / 75 Gifts
Chemistry Challenge
Redbird Craig McLauchlan wants to see the Redbird community unite to support Chemistry today during Birds Give Back. He will give $1,000 to the department when we receive 30 gifts during Birds Give Back.
30 / 30 Gifts
Economics Challenge
Steven Gay ‘83 wants to see the Economics Department accept the Birds Give Back mission. He will add $500 to our giving day totals when we receive our first 10 gifts to the Economics Department today!
10 / 10 Gifts
School of Communication RECORD-BREAKER Challenge
This is a big one Redbirds! Professor and Director Emeritus Larry Long and Dr. Penelope Long want to make this a record-breaking year for the School of Communication. We will unlock their $125,000 challenge to benefit the School when we reach 275 gifts before midnight tonight. Spread the word and encourage all your friends to support School of Com, Forensics, and TV-10 gift to any of these areas will help unlock this incredible challenge.
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TV-10 Share Challenge
Arles Hendershott Love ’79 wants us to spread the word about Birds Give Back to all the School of Communication supporters we know. She will add $25 for every tweet or share of this post, up to a total of $500, for TV-10 so we need 20 Tweets or Shares to unlock the full challenge today!
Hesterberg CAST Mission Complete Challenge
We are issuing our final challenge of the night. Keith ’93 and Beth Hesterberg challenge us to complete our Birds Give Back mission. They will add $30,000 to support the CAST student persistence when we receive another 250 gifts before midnight. Make your gift and spread the word to all your Redbird friends!
2,750 / 2,750 Gifts
Employee/Retiree Challenge
Thanks to 500 faculty, staff, retiree donors for unlocking $25,000 during Birds Give Back!
500 / 500 Gifts
Reaching for 2,500 gifts!
Thank you to the 2,500 donors who unlocked $25,000 to keep momentum strong during Birds Give Back!
2,500 / 2,500 Gifts
Forensics Launch Challenge
An anonymous member of our forensics community wants to support the speech team today during Birds Give Back. They have committed $10,000 to the team when we reach 50 gifts to the program today during Birds Give Back!
50 / 50 Gifts
TV-10 Challenge
Les Vann and his wife, Shannon ’77 want TV-10 alumni and friends to show their support during Birds Give Back! In honor of the approaching 50th anniversary of TV-10 Les and Shannon want to see us reach 50 gifts to TV-10 today during Birds Give Back. When we do, they will gift $25,000 to the program!
50 / 50 Gifts
College of Arts and Sciences Challenge
Department of English alumna Barbara Hummel ’72 wants to encourage support for the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). She will unlock $25,000 for student scholarships when we receive 200 gifts to any CAS department or college fund during Birds Give Back!
200 / 200 Gifts
School of Communication Momentum Board Challenge
The School of Communication Board wants to keep the momentum going. They will add $17,700 to our totals when we receive another 100 gifts during Birds Give Back.
200 / 200 Gifts
Social Sharing Challenge
Pawfficer Sage and her friend want you to spread the word about #BirdsGiveBack! Susan Cameron ’79, a retired staff member, will contribute $10 to support Pawfficer Sage’s Community Engagement Team for every share, up to $1,000!
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